• I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It didn’t make me feel jittery or strange- but it did help keep my appetite in check. I’ve been eating very healthy and working out (as usual) and have been able to lose a few lbs in just a week. I’m impressed as most of the time I don’t always see results.


  • I really enjoy taking this product because it really works. I have tried more that a few 7-keto’s but the 7- KETO Ultra product will help us LiveWell. You need to try the product. Highly recommended.

    Best To Date

  • I have gone on this Quick Loss Plus diet a couple of times. It is not at all difficult and to my surprise, I do not get hungry. If you stick to the diet and drops you will lose.


  • I don’t diet, I eat according to my goals.

  • IT WORKS IF U WORK IT! No exercise, felt full, lost a pound a day!!! Nothing feels better than feeling full all day and waking up with at least one pound off every day!! I cheated, I admit, and I recovered really quick to my daily weight loss goal. Don’t eat when ur not hungry!! I’m taking pre natal vitamins to help and I’m doing pretty well now. I’m calling customer service tomorrow bc I seemed to get stuck at only being able to lose 7 lbs. in 2 weeks. But I lost the 7 lbs the first week!!! :):) […]


  • Fitness is not about being better than someone else…its about being better than you used to be

  • Already down a few pounds! I feel an increase in energy and a decrease in my appetite. 7-Keto Ultra it.

    Andy S.